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It’s important to ignite your taste buds at just the right level. Dipping a chip may require a more mild zip with a punch of flavor, but those wings could be crying out for some serious kick. Whether you want to feel the burn or just a gentle tingle, each sauce is packed with flavor. Inside each bottle you will find only natural ingredients and layers of taste. Create your own 3 pack by sampling a few or doubling up on a favorite.

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hot n saucy hot sauce set in a box with peppers
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Flavor before heat! That's Hot N Saucy's motto. Your palate is going to sing with the all natural flavors and not just the zing of these vegan sauces. Discover why these sauces have a cult like following. Now you too can become a "hottie" by adding a dash of deliciousness and turning up the heat with some unique and amazing flavor combos only found in Hot N Saucy hot sauces.


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