Umami Collection- Single Origin Spice Set

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Curated with the adventurous in mind, even the less daring will find themselves reaching for the jars to shake on some flavorful, bold and simply delicious flavors. Umami, is one of the core tastes that is also known as savory. This collection focuses on enhancing your meat, poultry, soups and veggies with an essence of deliciousness.

** Reach for this set when making pasta, chicken, fish and veggie dishes.

Black Lime Powder- Journey with us to Southeast Asia  to discover the savory and sophisticated tart flavor that Black Lime Powder brings to veggies and stews. It will quickly replace lime and lemon juice in your current recipes and become a regular when roasting almost anything! Sourced from a family farm in Guatemala the limes are sun-dried, then ground into an easy-to-use powder.

Sun-Dried Tomato Powder -The rich flavors of sun-dried tomatoes enhance every pasta dish and now this fine powder allows you to add umami to any dish with a simple sprinkle. This is a favorite way to lower the salt content and increase the mouthwatering effect. The powder can be sprinkled over salads, incorporated into pasta sauces, used as a seasoning for meat or vegetable dishes, or mixed into dips and spreads to enhance their flavor with a rich and tangy tomato taste. This powerful powder is made form a special tomato variety grown across Turkey’s Aegean Sea coastline.

Silk Chili Flakes- If you like a little zip of spice and a more warm and robust flavor these flakes will be perfect. With a flavor profile of roasted tomatoes and honey, the medium heat from a Turkish variety of the Aleppo pepper will deliver a medium heat to your stews, sauces and meats. Consider elevating and enhancing the sweetness of a favorite brownie recipe or shake some on to fruit salad for a warm buzz that marries perfectly with those summer berries and melons.




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Welcome to a world of incredible flavor that can only be found with true heirloom spices not found in any grocery store aisle! Taste the difference of fresh from the harvest spices, as they turn every dish into a masterpiece! Burlap & Barrel partner directly with smallholder farmers to source spices that have never been available in the US before while helping improve the livelihoods of our partner farmers.


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