Tuck Away Backpack


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Meet the best backpack ever created! This lightweight backpack cleverly rolls up into its built-in pouch. It folds up small  (15″ x 4″ x 1″) making it a travel essential to toss into your luggage. Once you arrive, simply unzip and you instantly have a large (15″ wide, 16″ tall, with a 5″ gusset) lightweight backpack to hold all your day-trip essentials so you’re hands-free to explore and trek.  With its rucksack style, this lightweight bag weighs just a few ounces but it’s strong enough to hold 4 bottle of wine, not that we are counting.

This rucksack-style backpack is also great for every day whether it’s picking up a few items at the store, going on a walk, or enjoying a day hike.  A collapsible travel bag that was designed for real life, it is completely machine washable so go ahead and take it along for the ride.

Available in Red or Navy

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Durable, washable and highly portable bags that are stylish and easy to stash so they are ready to go everywhere! Whether you have joined the plastic-free bag revolution or are looking to travel lighter it's in the bag!


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