The Nostalgic Lolli Collection

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Maybe you’re thinking you stumbled upon the kids’ collection? The truth is, we put this set together for the adults who need to let their inner child out! Nothing brings back sweet childhood memories like a big bowl of Lucky Charms, except maybe a wad of Bubble Gum or sipping on a Root Beer Float. There is so much fun in this collection! No need to wait for those memories to come to you. Simply unwrap your favorite, close your eyes, and let that nostalgic feeling wash over you. It’s okay if you want to share the memories and the lollipops with the kids too.

Includes 1 (1.2oz) of each Lucky Charms, Root Beer Float, Bubble Gum, Peeps, Gummy Bear, and Caramel Apple.

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Lollipops and fun candies along with berries and fruit.
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Don't be a sucker for boring treats! These pops are bursting with adult flavors, so you can skip the dessert or indulge in a "mocktail" anytime. A fun twist to a childhood favorite these gourmet goodies are exactly what a lollipop wanted to be when it grew up.

1 review for The Nostalgic Lolli Collection

  1. Stacey Montgomery (verified owner)

    I bought these for a gift. They shipped quickly and arrived quickly. They were packaged with care so that they would not break. I am excited to put them in my son’s Easter basket. I appreciate the amazing service. Thank you!

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