The Keto Lollipop Collection


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We all deserve a treat and these lollipops promise not to derail you from your Keto program. The perfect way to enjoy a sweet treat that is bursting with freshness and flavor is by simply unwrapping a Sweet Tea, or perhaps a Candy Apple Good Lolli. Dive right in to all that deliciousness. We made sure to include best selling flavors and an exotic palate pleaser too. You may feel like you’re cheating but we promise it’s the real deal!


Set includes 1 (1.2oz) of each lollipop flavor. Dragon fruit, Strawberry, Candy Apple, Sweet Tea, Coffee, and Key Lime.

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Lollipops and fun candies along with berries and fruit.
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Don't be a sucker for boring treats! These pops are bursting with adult flavors, so you can skip the dessert or indulge in a "mocktail" anytime. A fun twist to a childhood favorite these gourmet goodies are exactly what a lollipop wanted to be when it grew up.


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