The Dessert Lollipop Collection


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Every great meal needs a sweet ending but sometimes you just can’t manage one more bite, so what to do? Problem solved with the gourmet Dessert Collection. These lollies are flavored with your favorite decadent desserts and will easily satisfy your need for a sweet taste without weighing you down or adding the many, many calories found in the real dessert. We aren’t trying to fool you into thinking you just had a slice of Key Lime Pie or a bite of Blueberry Cheesecake but it could happen!

Collection includes 1 (1.2oz) of each flavor lollipop. Blueberry Cheesecake, Oreo Cookie, Key Lime Pie, Banana Custard, Cinnamon Roll and Caramel Apple.

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Lollipops and fun candies along with berries and fruit.
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Don't be a sucker for boring treats! These pops are bursting with adult flavors, so you can skip the dessert or indulge in a "mocktail" anytime. A fun twist to a childhood favorite these gourmet goodies are exactly what a lollipop wanted to be when it grew up.


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