Tea-fusions Cocktail Mixes


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We are bringing the party and it’s infused with flavor! Become the mix master of every gathering with these fabulous infusions. Teatotalers beware because this is not the queen’s sip. Sweet Tea Infusions are packed with everything you need to make the perfect cocktail. Just add the booze of your choice and allow to infuse for 12-18 hours.

Each single bottle is filled with dried fruits, premium tea, spices and sugar cubes, including an additional sugar pack. They can be re-infused up to 5 times! That means the party doesn’t have to end early and you will get 24-40 servings per bottle!

Crafted from 100% all natural ingredients

Original price was: $35.00.Current price is: $32.00.
Original price was: $35.00.Current price is: $32.00.
Original price was: $35.00.Current price is: $32.00.
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Sweet tea mocktails, teas and infusions
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Sweet Tea Factory features the finest tea products available. Whether you enjoy it iced, hot, decaf, fully caffeinated or even as a cocktail, the quality and flavors are unmatched to anything you may have tasted before.


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