Sweet Tea Honey, Spice and Everything Nice Set

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This set explores the savory side of tea and its magical tenderizing qualities. We invite you to discover new twists to its favorite accompaniment-honey!

Smoki Tea Rub, the star in this set, is composed of a blend of the finest Smoki Black Teas, a medley of peppers and smoked sea salt . This blend of smoky and sweet teas are fabulous for a burst of added flavor on fruits, breads, salads and roasted nuts. The magical mix adds enormous smoky flavor to your grilled, sautéed, and roasted meats and fish.  Did you know the tannin in tea acts as a natural tenderizer? This makes it the ideal rub to gain not only flavor but a wonderful tender bite.

Sweet & Spicy jalapeño glaze  contains all-natural ingredients with no artificial additives- just vinegar, sugar, jalapeño and chipotle peppers, with a unique blend of herbs, and spices. Drizzle this delicious glaze over your baked salmon, grilled veggies or jazz up your fruit and salads with a little drizzle.

Jalapeño honey is real honey infused with the taste and heat of jalapeños. A slightly spicy honey, it is perfect to sweeten teas! Want to heat your cocktails or mocktails up just a bit? This top quality honey is ready for the job. Great on cheese and crackers, fruits, breads, and salads. When you make a recipe that calls for honey try switching it up a bit and you will be rewarded with the subtle flavor profile of this honey.


Sweet tea mocktails, teas and infusions
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Sweet Tea Factory features the finest tea products available. Whether you enjoy it iced, hot, decaf, fully caffeinated or even as a cocktail, the quality and flavors are unmatched to anything you may have tasted before.

1 review for Sweet Tea Honey, Spice and Everything Nice Set

  1. Kati Conklin

    Don’t be afraid of these. They are big on flavor, not spice. I can think of so many uses for these items, like chicken, salmon, pour over cream cheese or goat cheese. Definitely give them a try today.

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