Sundae Sampler: DIY Ice Cream Mix 6-Pack

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Are you an equal opportunity flavor lover? Perhaps you can’t come to a household consensus about whether strawberry is best , if chocolate rules supreme, or perhaps there is a classic vanilla lover in the bunch. No matter what the preference is among your crew this set is sure to keep them all smiling!

With a variety 6 pack (2 pints of each flavor) you can quickly and easily have your top choice ready in no time. Each pint of True Scoops Ice Cream Mix contains all natural ingredients that are ready to be blended with half and half for a mere 5 minutes. After getting their chill on in the freezer for 4-6 hours you can delight in the fresh delicious flavor and get creative with your personal favorite toppings.

We love the fact that there is no need to dust off or dig out an ice cream maker, just add one ingredient and blend it up old school style.


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What happens when two clever women meet at ice cream school, (yes, that is a real thing) and find a common desire to be entrepreneurs? Well when you mix in their love for all-natural ingredients with some fun and add a heaping dash of being stuck at home thanks to the pandemic- you get the birth of a delicious business, True Scoops.


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