Smart Sunglasses

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Get Smart fans, the future is now! Who needs a shoe phone when you can simply slip on a pair of these stylish shades!

These polarized sunglasses do more then keep the rays out of your eyes. A built in mic and speakers allow you to chat on the phone with no distractions. Now you can keep your chill going when out for a stroll, getting in your cardio or most importantly taking a drive. Imagine sitting on the beach sipping your favorite fruity concoction and still being connected while maintaining that perfect vacay vibe. These shades are stylish with plenty of room to block the sun, yet they are a discreet way to keep your conversations going.

If you are looking for a way to stay connected while driving, biking, or doing your thing without popping those earbuds in and out, LifiBifi has the answer. Unlike earbuds these Smart Sunglasses allow you to still hear everything going on around you while staying connected. They easily connect via blue-tooth to your devices making music, or phone calls a breeze. The stylish frames are gender neutral so perfect for all the tech geeks in your life.

Includes universal charging cord.

Smart tumbler, sunglasses and portable charger set from Tech Trendz
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Take your gadgets to the next level with these smart devices that make life more fun! Your favorite Tumbler will be left behind when this Tune Tumbler moves in, keeping your beverages hot or cold while playing your favorite tunes. When you need a unique gift for your favorite techie these Smart Sunglasses will answer the call and keep you perfectly shaded. Finally, stay charged without a tangle of cords with Tech Trendz 5 in 1 portable charger. Goodbye to that tangled mess of cords!


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