Sea-Cycled Umbrella by Dri


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Stay dry while making waves for a cleaner planet with an Umbrella by Dri.

Did you know each year over 1.1 billion umbrellas end up in landfills? Dri Umbrella is on a mission to reduce this staggering statistic. Dri is not your average protector from the elements, but a statement for sustainability. Crafted with passion, each canopy is hand-sewn from 8 recycled ocean-bound plastic bottles, turning waste into wonder. With a robust stainless steel frame and a handle made from sustainable bamboo, it’s a powerful reminder that choosing durable over disposable can change the world. Join us in making a lasting impact, one raindrop at a time.
 While we would love to say this is the last umbrella you’ll ever buy, we know you’ll keep coming back for more – for the household, family, and friends! Weighing under a pound, it features a simple one-click auto-open button and a large 41.3 inch canopy of protection. The strong stainless steel shaft features a heavy duty spring to battle the wind, and the regenerative bamboo handle completes the sleek, earth friendly appeal. Embrace durability and Eco-friendliness  – because making a splash should be stylish and sustainable!


Dri Umbrella in blue with a turtle pictured on it. Shown with box lid that states "protect our oceans"
Shipping Icon  Ships within 5 days
Dri is on a mission to change the world one umbrella at a time. Over 1.1 Billion umbrellas end up in landfills every single year! What began as a protection from the earth's elements has turned into a major thorn in her side. It's time to reinvent the obvious, starting with ocean-bound plastics and regenerative bamboo Deidre has built a better, sophisticated, and stylish umbrella that will keep you "dri" and mother earth feeling great!


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