Sangria Tea + Fusion


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Wine lovers will rejoice in the ease and simplicity of duplicating a fruity light  sangria by simply infusing this set with wine (red or white) and or rum and tequila. Allow the flavorful combination of sangria tea, rock sugar, lemons, lime, and strawberries to infuse for 12-18 hours and then you will be sipping on heaven! Even those that regularly make their own Sangria will be blown away by the intensity of the flavor profiles the tea brings to their home made delight.

100% All natural ingredients can be re-infused up to 5 times. Includes additional sugar packet.

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Sweet tea mocktails, teas and infusions
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Sweet Tea Factory features the finest tea products available. Whether you enjoy it iced, hot, decaf, fully caffeinated or even as a cocktail, the quality and flavors are unmatched to anything you may have tasted before.


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