Pate De Fruits 2 Pack

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Stunned! That is the best way to describe the way we felt upon tasting what we thought would be an upgraded fruit candy. Absolutely stunned! The taste and texture was unlike anything we had tried before, and rest assured, we have collectively sampled an astonishing amount of confections! What exactly is this new to us candy that blew our minds and awakened our taste buds? Pate de fruit is a classic and beloved French treat that puts our gummies or fruit snacks to shame! Real fruit juices are brought to life in delicate, melt in your mouth simple squares that will cause actual episodes of joy to occur. Luckily this set includes 2 packages, one to give and one to keep.

Kathy’s melt in your mouth French style Pate de Fruits use locally sourced fruit purees whenever possible and never contain preservatives. These Vegan squares while incredible, do have one problem, once opened they seem to quickly vanish.

Set of two gift boxed flavor trios featuring Strawberry, Sangria and Mango Passionfruit.

Sweet confections that are beautiful on a glass plate.
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It is truly our privilege and delight to present to you a gift for all your senses! Introducing delicious confections masterfully crafted by Sweet Designs by Kathy! Each hand-crafted delight is created in small batches, using fresh and locally sourced ingredients, when possible. When we first discovered these treasures we thought, "These are too pretty to eat" but one bite changed that! Kathy's goal is to create things that make you smile and bring you joy. We say "goal achieved!" and are certain you will agree!


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