Mocktail “Bubbly” Set


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This delicious duo is perfect for bubbly lovers! If you are ready to brew up an alcohol free celebration and still want all the flavor of champagne this is the set for you! Featuring two fabulous fakes that bring all the flavor with none of the pain.

Champagne & Berries is a green tea that naturally mimics the flavor profile of champagne, it just begs to be brewed, chilled and served in a flute. Mimosas are often served with brunch on special occasions but now with the Mimosa Mocktail there is no reason to wait for a weekend. Brewing this delicious tisane up is cause for celebration. What’s a tisane? Simply put, it is a herbal infusion made from the leaves, roots, berries, and spices of plants other than the traditional tea leaves of the Camellia Sinensis (tea plant.)

This set provides you with enough to clink glasses up to 60 times!

Sweet tea mocktails, teas and infusions
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Sweet Tea Factory features the finest tea products available. Whether you enjoy it iced, hot, decaf, fully caffeinated or even as a cocktail, the quality and flavors are unmatched to anything you may have tasted before.


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