Inspire Rings

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Stylish and adjustable cuff rings that not only adorn but empower. Each ring in this collection is handmade in the USA  from 100% lead-free recycled pewter and carries an uplifting and powerful engraved message. Thankfully they are designed to be stacked, because choosing just one might be impossible.

Inspire rings offer a beautiful and unique way to wear your aspirations, and let your style tell a story of strength and joy. Accessorize with purpose!

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Quotable rings and bracelets by Whitney Howard designs on a red circular place mat.
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This husband and wife duo lovingly creates inspirational accessories here in the USA. Each of their pieces allows you to gift with gratitude or find your own special pieces that speak to your soul and create an armful (or handful) of inspiration. Each piece of WHD is handcrafted from recycled lead-free pewter and are adjustable for a custom fit.


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