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Whether you live alone or feed an entire team this is the perfect set of 12 individual desserts. What a perfect way to make sure something sweet and ready in a minute is always on hand. So simple -just mix with water, heat and eat. This variety pack has your cravings covered from morning to night. Start your day with a quick muffin in a mug that’s a combo of cinnamon and apples with caramel in a yummy vanilla cake. When an afternoon sweet attack comes on, you can satisfy it in a minute with a rich gooey brownie, complete with swirls of toffee and coffee. That should get you through the afternoon blahs! Looking for an evening sweet treat to end the day? The Chocolate S’more Brownie’s fudgie flavor, complete with graham crackers and marshmallow swirls will do the trick! Finally, always be prepared to celebrate with the Celebration cake single, complete with sprinkles. The best part is, everyone can pick their favorite.

Set includes 3 packs each of Toffee Mocha Brownie, S’more Brownie, Caramel Apple Muffin and Celebration Cake

Bag of overnight oats and individual packs of molly & you mug cakes with an apple, marshmallow and caramels
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Molly Wilson is well aware that when you want something sweet and delicious you shouldn't have to wait for a special occasion or a large gathering. To solve the dilemma of not needing a whole cake Molly took her award winning recipes and created decadent single serving, simple to make microwave pouches. Alongside these mouthwatering treats are a line of overnight oats that burst with flavor and maintain simplicity. This woman owned and operated small business is making sweet treats an anytime reward.

1 review for I Need Sweets Now Set

  1. Kim Ko

    Soooooooooo Yummy!!! Ooooey goey chocolatey and so easy and quick to make!

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