Hudson Duo Anti-nausea Bands


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The Hudson duo does double duty as a sharp, gender neutral accessory that keeps you feeling great without revealing to the world your battle with nausea. The fun pattern and colors are designed to pair well with any outfit, from jeans to formal wear. Feel great, look fabulous!

Acupressure on the P6 has been scientifically studied to relieve nausea in a drug free, natural manner that is safe for all. All Blisslet bands are made from soft, super stretchy material that provide relief in as little as 5 minutes! Perfect for motion sickness, morning sickness, car or boat rides, and trips to the amusement park.

These bands are a fabulous, natural way to relieve nausea caused by migraines, chemotherapy and vertigo!

It’s never too late to feel great, you can wear the bands before or after the nausea begins and still receive relief. The breathable material dries quickly but remember you must wear them on both wrists to be effective. Despite what you may have heard, size does matter, the bands should fit snugly. Please order the correct size for your wrist. Available in small, medium, and large and extra large.


Blisslet drawstring bag on a board with a can that has 4 blisslet bands around it. Pictured are blue, pink, grey and gold bands.
Shipping Icon  Ships within 3 days
Blisslets acupressure bracelets provide fast, drug-free, and effective nausea relief. Available in gorgeous styles and colors.


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