Funkk Off Teeth Refreshers

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Discreet and petite as a lipstick, the handy Funnk Off teeth refresher will clean off all the funk of the day. So simple just open, twist, brush, rinse and smile! Throw one in your purse, another in the glove box, and keep one in your travel bag. Each tube provides you with 30 uses to keep the laughter alive longer. The refreshing mint gel is made with 100% natural ingredients and the container is BPA-free so it’s not only good for you but the environment too. Say goodbye to scrubbing with your finger, digging for a toothpick, or trying to hide that you love garlic bread by chewing a piece of gum.

Funkk Off is the best invention for someone with Invisalign or traditional braces! They can quickly and discreetly clean their teeth after every meal without lugging around a brush and paste or some one-time-use tool.

Dentist approved, and our favorite LifiBifi Dentist (Dr. W) thinks everyone should Funkk Off.

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Funkk off tooth refresher
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Whether it's coffee after your morning run, the healthy salad at lunch or a glass of red wine with dinner, your smile can remain as brilliant as you are. Funkk Off is the on the go must have accessory!


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