Foldable Cross Body Messenger Bag


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Introducing the Foldable Crossbody Bag, the perfect bag for a spontaneous adventure!  This one-of-a-kind bag packs a lot of power into a small, compact style. Flip & Tumble bags are lightweight, stylish and smart, built to make traveling a breeze and shopping sustainable. This messenger style bag has an adjustable strap and a zippered top to keep your belongings secure. The outer pocket zips shut too and keeps your essentials close at hand. Never struggle with a bulky bag or becoming an origami expert. It is a breeze to fold and tuck away in its handy snap pouch (which stores snapped inside creating an additional pocket) leaving you free to pack more. Whether you need an extra bag while on a trip or a good quality messenger bag for hikes and bikes, this one will fit the bill. Stylish and functional all in one, it really is ready when you are. So get out there!

 At 12″ wide and 13.5″ tall don’t be afraid to pack it full. This bag can handle your laptop, books or any essentials. The perfect messenger bag and travel companion, this powerful bag packs into a small pouch. It will take you from hiking to the office and folds compact. When not in use it easily folds up into a  pouch making it just  5.5″ wide by 7″ tall. Includes an adjustable strap to fit all sizes. Machine wash, hang to dry.

Available in 2 tone Blue or Black


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Durable, washable and highly portable bags that are stylish and easy to stash so they are ready to go everywhere! Whether you have joined the plastic-free bag revolution or are looking to travel lighter it's in the bag!


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