DIY Cheese Kit

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Beginner cheese makers wanted. Make fresh Mozzarella, Ricotta and Farmer’s Cheese right at home in no time! This fun kit provides you with almost everything you need to instantly become a master. Just grab the milk and get ready for some fun! If you have ever traveled to Italy you know that nothing compares to fresh. Even the best store brands are not even close. While we may not be able to grab our loved ones for a journey over seas, thanks to these kits we can experience the delicious freshness together.

The Mozzarella, Ricotta and Farmers Cheese Kit includes:

Instruction booklet to make each of the cheeses
Unlimited email support as needed
Fine mesh, unbleached 100% cotton cheesecloth (reusable)
Metal probe thermometer (reusable)
Gluten-free, vegetarian rennet
Gluten-free, Non-GMO citric acid
Non-Iodized cheese salt (Fine Flake Salt)

*Each kit provides you with enough to make all three of the different cheeses. Makes almost 6 pounds of mozzarella!

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This Latina woman-owned business from Portland, Oregon is all about fun, freshness, and making cheese at home! Adorable kits where you add milk for traditional cheeses or choose nuts, seeds, veggies, and white beans to make delicious dairy-free cheeses. Want to make memories together? This is the perfect way to start a special new tradition.


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