Classic Cocktail Mocktail Set

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Summer breezes and easy living weekends seem to fade so quickly. In no time it’s over and we are back to work. But now you can sip and socialize all week long with these refreshing mocktails.

Modeled after popular cocktails this set features the After Dinner Cocktail crafted from Black tea (caffeinated,) pistachios, cumin, almonds, coriander, and pink peppercorns. This slightly spicy blend imitates the ambience of an after dinner drink and is the perfect ending to a delicious meal.

The Berry Pina Colada  instantly whisks you away to the islands. Okay, maybe not literally, but your mind and palate will believe it happened! A decaf blend crafted with apple, hibiscus, rose, pineapple and coconut shreds, you can sip this one all night long. Do you feel that ocean breeze?

The Cranberry Breeze Cosmopolitan, crafted from caffeine free Herbal tea, hibiscus, sweet and tart cherries, mimics flavors of a Cosmopolitan. Brew some up and enjoy the fruity brightness and zing all week long.

Each 4 oz. pouch contains approximately 60-75 Servings!

Sweet tea mocktails, teas and infusions
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Sweet Tea Factory features the finest tea products available. Whether you enjoy it iced, hot, decaf, fully caffeinated or even as a cocktail, the quality and flavors are unmatched to anything you may have tasted before.


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