Carrot N Chipotle


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This sauce will quickly become your go to flavor for everything from chips to chili. It may be mild when it comes to the heat, but the taste is wild, Unlike anything we have had before, it’s just that good! This gorgeous naturally red sauce has sweet notes from the carrots, combined with the smoky goodness of the Chipotle peppers.

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hot n saucy hot sauce set in a box with peppers
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Flavor before heat! That's Hot N Saucy's motto. Your palate is going to sing with the all natural flavors and not just the zing of these vegan sauces. Discover why these sauces have a cult like following. Now you too can become a "hottie" by adding a dash of deliciousness and turning up the heat with some unique and amazing flavor combos only found in Hot N Saucy hot sauces.


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