Beeswax Wrap 4 Piece Ocean Print

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Time to rethink the way we preserve food! This 4 pack is the perfect starter set for those ready to begin limiting the plastics in their lives. All natural materials that replace that difficult and destructive plastic wrap. Did you know that once discarded, plastic wrap can persist in landfills, oceans, and other habitats for hundreds of years? Make the switch with the Ocean set featuring Whale Tales, coral reefs, mermaid tales and colorful shells.

Set includes 1 Large (10×16), 1 Medium (10×10), and 2 small (7×7) wraps.

šŸ 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton šŸ Hawaiian Beeswax šŸ Natural tree extracts


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colorful sets of Meli beeswax wraps.
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Meli Wraps was founded to help keep single use plastic out of our oceans, and offer everyone a beautiful and improved alternative to single use plastic wraps. This Hawaiian company uses the beauty of the natural landscape as inspiration for the designs and, of course, Hawaiian Beeswax is the key natural ingredient. A simple and beautiful way to reduce the harm and expense of single use plastic wrap as we move towards a more sustainable lifestyle.


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