5 in 1 Charger on the Go

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How many times have you realized you forgot your charger, grabbed the wrong cord or are just sick of dragging around yet another charger every time they change the ports? We have a brilliant pocket size answer to all your charging issues right here!

Stop dragging around all those cords and never be caught without juice again. Compact and complete this handy charger set includes a Lightning USB-C and Lightning USB for Apple, a micro USB for Android and USB-C so that all of your devices are covered in one compact carrying case.  Includes the USB-C connector to charge from a block or device to device charging.

Throw one in your pocket, a backpack, suitcase, glove compartment or attach it to your key chain. We highly suggest ordering several so you are always charged up.

Available in Red or White

Smart tumbler, sunglasses and portable charger set from Tech Trendz
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Take your gadgets to the next level with these smart devices that make life more fun! Your favorite Tumbler will be left behind when this Tune Tumbler moves in, keeping your beverages hot or cold while playing your favorite tunes. When you need a unique gift for your favorite techie these Smart Sunglasses will answer the call and keep you perfectly shaded. Finally, stay charged without a tangle of cords with Tech Trendz 5 in 1 portable charger. Goodbye to that tangled mess of cords!


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