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From your first use you will be wondering how you went so long without this must have bag!  The perfect bag for every day,  this small but mighty eco-friendly tote transforms into a tiny pocket size ball. Keep it in a purse, glove box, jacket pocket or backpack so it’s always handy. Perfect for shopping, traveling, the gym, the beach and so much more. Made of the same light, but tough material as parachutes, this folding tote bag literally holds over 250 times its weight. That may sound like a lot to lug but with the padded, slip resistant shoulder patch and seamless bottom It can handle it all-mud, food, and any mess that comes at it because they are machine washable! Finished shopping and ready to tuck it away? We love how simple it is to transform back into the ball, simply scrunch, bunch and flip over the attached pouch!

These packable tote bags measure12″ x 14″ x 5″ and folded are just about the size of a small peach. Pop a few of these collapsible bags in your suitcase and you’re set. Weighing in at just 1.7 oz, the ripstop nylon/polyester material makes them a heavy duty hauler without weighing you down. Each tote is powerful enough to hold up to 35 lbs.
 Available in Hot Pink or Teal
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Flip & Tumble backpacks, 24/7 bags and crossbody bags on a table
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Durable, washable and highly portable bags that are stylish and easy to stash so they are ready to go everywhere! Whether you have joined the plastic-free bag revolution or are looking to travel lighter it's in the bag!


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