12 Piece Bon Bon Top Seller’s Collection


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If you are a fellow chocolate lover, once you open the box, you will know, this is it. It really happened. Pure bliss has arrived on your very doorstep!

Here is what will happen: First, you will be in awe of the beauty of each handcrafted morsel. Then the aroma will create that familiar mouth-watering sensation. Finally, as you take a heavenly bite, you will reach true bliss as the incredible flavors hit your palate, releasing the wonderful pleasure endorphins that is the true power of chocolate.

Do I need to say more? Maybe just a little bit of information would be helpful to those still in disbelief that they have actually found the best thing ever. Each bon bon is crafted from the finest all natural, conscientiously sourced ingredients and features pure Belgian chocolate. Made in small batches, you will taste the care and love that has been poured into each treasure. We invite you to jump right in, disregard that initial fear that they are too beautiful and follow your heart, take the bite. You can thank us later, for now just enjoy!

Due to the artisan techniques used the actual colors, and shapes may vary. Flavors included are Ancho Chili, Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch, Whiskey, Coffee, Gold Apricot Ginger, Cherry Mint, Cranberry Orange Anise, Saffron Honey, Gold Apricot Sage, Mint, Black Fig Hazelnut and Black Fig Cardamon.

Sweet confections that are beautiful on a glass plate.
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It is truly our privilege and delight to present to you a gift for all your senses! Introducing delicious confections masterfully crafted by Sweet Designs by Kathy! Each hand-crafted delight is created in small batches, using fresh and locally sourced ingredients, when possible. When we first discovered these treasures we thought, "These are too pretty to eat" but one bite changed that! Kathy's goal is to create things that make you smile and bring you joy. We say "goal achieved!" and are certain you will agree!


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