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Funkk off tooth refresher

Funkk Off

This woman owned business began with a glass of wine, a familiar story for many of us. Funkk Off Creator and nearby Napa Valley resident Joelle realized she wanted a better way to rinse off her smile after a delicious glass of Cabernet. Knowing that your smile tells the world a lot about you, she was always toting around her toothbrush and paste, but knew there needed to be a better way! After that Cabernet she began the journey to create a more convenient, discreet, natural, and eco friendly answer. She partnered with Sonia to bring her revolutionary product to all of us.

This journey not only led to cleaner, fresher teeth for all but it took them right into the tank, the Shark Tank! They appeared on the show together in early 2023 and had a fabulous reception. Now LifiBifi customers can reap the benefits of Funkk Off and save while they take on the day, one confident smile after another.

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Funkk Off Teeth Refreshers

Funkk Off Teeth Refreshers

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