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Dri Umbrella in blue with a turtle pictured on it. Shown with box lid that states "protect our oceans"


It may be difficult to believe but the simple umbrella is a huge contributor to our ever growing landfills with over 1.1 billion of them landing there annually. Combine this with the ever increasing plastic bottle epidemic that inevitably land in our oceans and we have a crisis brewing both on land and sea.

You may be wondering how the LifiBifi team fell in love with an umbrella? Naturally we were stopped by the elegant product but it was when met Deidre founder of Dri that we knew this was a must have product! Deidre is on a mission to ensure we protect the earth, enhance our community through fair wages, and offer top quality sustainable products. All of this through the simple umbrella, what a great place to make a difference!

The Dri umbrella canopy is made from captured ocean bound plastics, each umbrella removed 8 full size water bottles from our water ways! The recycled canopy is hand sewn and available in 4 gorgeous colors. Combined with a stainless steel mechanism that allows for simple opening and prevents that inside out issue from occurring, along with the regenerative bamboo handles it’s lightweight design will keep you styling an dry.

It’s time to upgrade your style and join the revolution to a cleaner, greener planet one raindrop at a time.



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Sea-Cycled Umbrella by Dri

Sea-Cycled Umbrella by Dri

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