About LifiBifi

Ahoy Friends!

Thanks for checking out our crew. We are a group of entrepreneurs who decided, after decades of various sales experiences that we had fallen hook, line and sinker for small businesses. We love the feel of walking into a brick and mortar where the owner is often there. You know, that small business where the owner’s kids do their homework after school or they have their dog or cat with them. We include some of the best anglers with marketing and sales experience in everything from direct sales and corporate jobs to small family businesses. Our group has covered it all and we are off on a fishing trip of massive proportions! We will cast our nets wide to connect you with amazing businesses, fabulous stories and the best products. We are one team with one dream and we are underway, pulling together for our customers, our vendors and, yes, even the communities where these businesses live.
We can’t wait to reel in the best for you.